Speech is silver, but silence is golden.
Good accent is pearly, but a good accent coach is diamond.
You’ve just found it.

Paulina Kobus - Professional Accent Coach

What do I teach?
/wɒt də aɪ ˈtiːtʃ/
What can I help you with?
/wɒt kən aɪ ˈhelp juː ˈwɪð/
Who do I train?
/huː də aɪ ˈtreɪn/
About me
/əˈbaʊt mi/

I am an accent, dialect and communication coach, professional phonetician and
trainer of English as a second and foreign language. I specialise in:

I can help you with any communication difficulty or challenge. I can gladly cooperate with actors, non-actors, public speakers, teachers, lectors, singers or anybody who would like to improve their communication skills. Please take your time to see all the services I offer.
British (RP or other) for Americans
usaflag → 
American (GA or other) for British
ukflag → 
British for British
ukflag → 
(e.g. Irish/Scottish/Welsh → RP
Midlands/Scouse/Geordie → RP
RP → Northern, Irish etc.)

British/ American for Romance languages
frflag →  / 
esflag →  / 
itflag →  / 
ptflag →  / 
British/ American for Scandinavians
dkflag →  / 
seflag →  / 
noflag →  / 
fiflag →  / 
British/ American for Slavic
plflag →  / 
ruflag →  / 
czflag →  / 
skflag →  / 
British/ American for Asian
cnflag →  / 
jpflag →  / 
krflag →  / 
hkflag →  / 
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